Leadership Coaching



At times we forget that you don’t need to be the boss or in charge to be a leader. Many great leaders led right from the middle of the pack or from the bottom up and had great impact and influence on those around them. Being a leader is a never-ending journey that everyone is on which is why it’s at our heart to help you become a better leader for those around you and in your life and environment. 

Dreamkey Coaching places emphasis on it’s leadership coaching to draw out those who know they have leadership qualities within them or a wishing to sow the seeds of becoming a great leader!

Available Programs

DreamTeaser Package

Catch a glimpse of what it means to have a coach come alongside you, through Dreamkey’s DreamTeaser Package, you get given the opportunity to make sense and find answers to the hard questions you have in life. What your purpose is, the strengths you possess, the steps you need to take and the pitfalls to watch out for.

The DreamTeaser Package is 5 sessions of leadership coaching over weekly/fortnightly intervals with our “money-back guarantee”.

Dream to Reality Package

For those who don’t just “talk the talk” but want to “walk the walk” Dreamkey’s Dream to Reality Package is an extended full comprehensive coaching package that is loaded with everything you need to not just start but finished the race set before you. Your develop will hit full stride as you and your coach continue to laser in on what you wish to accomplish and begin to set you up to win the long game in life!

The Dream to Reality Package proceeds for the duration of 6-12 months built to create lasting change, discovery and breakthrough for recipients.

Coaching Model

Dreamkey Coaching utilizes tools and techniques based off scientifically researched and tested approaches and implements them in the coaching sphere. Accessing knowledge off schools of thought from psychology and physiology and using a multi-modal coaching approach.

Affiliation and Testimonial

“My coach’s approach was always very professional. Analyzing the best way for you to reach your goals” -Dela Tamakloe (Youth worker coordinator and musician)

Dreamkey Coaching is proud to be a part of Conviction Group’s Young Men’s Health Forum helping as a group facilitator.