Team/Group Coaching






Life is a team sport which is why we’ve made available schools, organisations and others our Team/Group coaching package allowing us to leverage our collective power and create lasting impact in multiple lives at once.


Team/Group Coaching Package

Concerned about what makes a team successful? Who’s role is what? Member’s strong suits? What it means to build a culture of great chemistry. Team/Group coaching serves great for school teams, sport clubs, prefects/school captains and can help set the course the standard for what life will expect of students in the future.

Coachees will still be given access to many of the great tools 1:1 clients receive while continuing to expand their team efforts!

The Team/Group Coaching Package is 4 sessions of client-centered coaching over fortnightly intervals.

Coaching Model

Dreamkey Coaching utilizes tools and techniques based off scientifically researched and tested approaches and implements them in the coaching sphere. Accessing knowledge off schools of thought from psychology and physiology and using a multi-modal coaching approach.