VIA Signature Strengths Survey




Many times us as humans go through the motions without taking the time out to actually discover where our strengths lie (or those important to us), how they affect us and what advantages and breakthroughs they can create for us!

The VIA Institute on Character, have created the powerful VIA Strengths Character Test to assess individual’s top character strengths. Take the Free VIA Signature Strengths Survey

The test should take less than a 15 minutes to complete!

A fun and effective tool, individuals looking to better pursue their goals from a strength-based advantage will benefit highly from taking the survey as well as anyone looking to better understand their areas of strength or other’s areas of strength.

Try sharing the survey with important people in your life and help identify their different areas of strength we all uniquely possess.

Important Tips:

Share with your friends, family, colleagues and those you feel will benefit from using the VIA Signature Strengths Survey

You are a unique individual therefore it is important to complete the assessment through the lens of your unique standards for life and not in relation or comparing to other’s standards

Once you have completed the test, think about what your results mean to you and how you can take action in your life using the advantage of your strengths.

Don’t think the survey results mean what you always will or will not be good at, this is a tool to bring insight into your current character strength traits and are possible to change over time into.