What is Coaching?

It is quite common for people to wonder what exactly life coaching is and how it works. Because of the curiosity and popularity of this relatively new practice, people may sometimes misinterpret life coaching for another form of practice or professional service.

To help with bringing further understanding for you in regards to what life coaching exactly is, we’ve created a comparison page for you to see for yourself how coaching works and how it differs from other known practices.



Values-based coaching is a goal-focused approach for stimulating growth and change in individuals and groups of people’s lives through a collaborative practice.

Coach and client will develop a mutual relationship through encouragement and motivation, reflective discussions, insightful questioning, timely consultation, strategic planning, executing upon agreed actions and accountability keeping around client’s core values and goals.

coaching is a non-advice giving style of communication, this means that coaches will not primarily be telling clients what to do but rather will be empowering and bringing awareness for clients to discover the right path and actions to take through the methods listed above.

Coaching effectively puts back into place and place seeds of opportunity for clients to regain independence and ultimately self-esteem and self-efficacy.



Counselling in nature can be a therapeutic approach in which a counselor will help address client’s pathologies and issues and can be needed and appropriate for those requiring certain areas of their past to be addressed for barriers to be removed and individuals to move forward.

Coaching however sets a new foundation pressing forward in the direction of a clients future and deals with root thought patterns and causes that limit clients reaching their determined goals and ultimately a better lifestyle.



Consulting is a advice-giving giving style of communication, this means when you sit down with your consultant they will assess and evaluate your needs before providing advice in their field of expertise for solving those problems and issues.

As coaches, we don’t claim to have all the answers but instead work with a client to acquire ones that’re best suited for and evaluated by the client. Clients can still have the peace of mind that their coach will always assist them in learning to make their heaving lifting feel lighter!



Mentoring shares similarities with coaching in aspects of a mentor and mentee usually having a mutual relationship but distinctly differs in the fact mentoring is when a more experienced and knowledgeable person in a certain area is helping to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person in that same area.

Your coach and you as the coachee will still share that relationship however will remain in collaboration and be shown equal respect level as your coach comes alongside you.