Wheel of Life



The beginning of powerful change starts with action, but how can you take action if you don’t have the insight of what to change!

This is where personal growth hacks come in to play in a variety of sources, one being personal assessments such as the world renowned ‘Wheel of Life’ assessment. 

Simple but profound, the wheel of life assessment lets users step outside of themselves for a brief period and evaluate their life from a bird’s eye view.

Rate different elements of your life from your career and relationships to your health and social life in degrees of how pleasing it is to you currently. The test should take no longer than a few minutes to complete and will bring you further insight to which areas your soul is burning for greater fulfillment!

Important Tips:

You are a unique individual therefore it is important to rate the areas of your life for your unique standards of life and not in relation to other’s standards

Once you have completed the test, think about what your results mean to you and whether it’s time to finally take action in those areas.